Web Development Services an overview of our development services
Bespoke Database Driven Websites and Portals

We use "intelligent Development" to create dynamic, highly interactive and functional websites, making cutting-edge technologies effectively back clean interfaces. We offer our clients a full spectrum of back-end development including dynamic page generation, database design and development (including database performance optimization and tuning), distributed database development for websites dealing with large amounts of data, data encryption, advanced search mechanism integration, built-in security, real-time payment processing, audio/video streaming, etc.

Ecommerce Solutions

From a modified osCommerce installation to a mission critical, highly secure dynamic development processing multiple orders a second we can develop your ecommerce platform for you. Additional services include payment processor integration, vulnerability scanning and PCI compliance consultation.

Content Management Solutions

During a decade of development on our own CMS our developers have leaned everything there is to know about implementing a content management system. We can assist and advise on simple rich text editor installations through to complex Joomla/Drupla installs with customization.

Mobile Platforms

Over 80% of the web population has alternative mobile access via iPhone/iPad, Android or webkit based browsers. x2cms can develop full featured mobile applications for all mobile platforms and can also deliver web based applications with the look and feel of mobile applications through the Sencha framework. If the costs of mobile development from other developers have steered you away from mobile platforms contact us to discuss your options.

Web Code and Conient Maintenance Contracts

All our developments are fully supported for 90 days after launch. If you require additional maintenance for content or backend development we have a maintenance plan to suit. Pricing and retained hours are flexible depending on your requirements and can also include server maintenance, operating system updates, software upgrades and backups.

Web Portals and Social Networking

We can develop your portal from the ground up or assist you in integrating your website with leading social networking tools including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more.

Web Strategy and Consultation

x2cms Client Services Directors have a combined experience in creating and developing companies online web presence of over 110 years. We can advise you on all aspects of your project including marketing, strategy, advertising, SEO etc. and point out related pitfalls before you reach them.

Hosting Analysis, Migration and Infrastructure
We partner with both leading managed server providers (Peer1 and Rackspace) and in conjunction with hosting specialists can advise on your hosting platform, infrastructure and migration on both physical and virtual (cloud) systems.

Web Design

x2cms has a full web design offering, for more details on our design services please visit our web design section.

Quality Standards

Visual Design:
Rationality of screen density, effective information presentation, directional sense.

Usability and Navigation:
Effective and easy-to-use user interface, consistent and intuitive navigation.

Section 508 standard and W3C WCAG compatibility

Cross Browser Support:
IE, Mozilla, Opera, FireFox, Netscape, Safari and others.

Compliance with W3C standards: xHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01., CSS 2.1 standard.


Code Base:


MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle


ExtJS, JQUERY, Sencha


LAMP, Windows 2k3/2k8.


Mobile Platforms:
Android, iPhone, Ipad, Blackberry.


joomla, Drupal, Eclipse, Tortoise, osCommerce, x2cms, Wordpress.

Web Design

For an overview of our web design capabilities please visit our web design section.

Free Consultation

Take advantage of our experience and contact us for a no obligation consultation.