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What is a sitebuilder or website builder?

A sitebuilder is a method of creating a web site online using only your internet browser. They commonly come with pre-designed site layouts or templates along with additional features.

What are the requirements for my PC?

x2cms requires that you are using a PC or Mac with Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Firefox. Please ensure you disable popup blockers and Norton antivirus while using x2cms. The only other thing you need is an internet connection, x2cms does not require any software to be downloaded and will run smoothly on any connection from 56k upwards.

Why should I use x2cms?

x2cms have created the most advanced and easy to use sitebuilder on the market today. No other sitebuilder can match it for ease of use or value for money. There are a number of online sitebuilders available today, however we believe that x2cms provides ultimate ease of use combined with the most advanced range of professional features. As your experience grows and you want to add new features to your site you won't need to go anywhere else - x2cms does it all.

Please be advised that "Flash" sitebuilders often mean that 1 in 4 of your visitors cannot view your site (i.e. those without Macromedia Flash installed). In addition, "drag and drop" website builders which appear simple to use often appear disjointed and with text/pictures in the wrong place depending on your visitors browser and screen resolution.

x2cms is designed to output pure, clean html that can be viewed by every visitor exactly as it was intended to be seen.

How long do I need to sign up for?

The minimum sign up period for website builder packages is one month. All packages will auto renew each month for your convenience and substantial savings are available if you subscribe for longer periods.

How do I sign up?

It's easy - simply click here, select a package and fill in all the required details. We accept payment via major credit cards or PayPal over secure servers. If you would like to buy multiple sites please contact us first to discuss your requirements.

Is there a demo version?

Due to constant abuse we have been forced to take our demo version offline. However, we offer a no quibble 100% money back guarantee instead. The only thing we cannot refund is any domain name purchases so please note that your refund will be any payments made to x2cms less the cost of any domains you have registered even if a "free" domain (typically domain costs are $10.99 per domain).

I want to sell x2cms to my customers, can I?

Yes of course. We have a number of different options for all kinds of businesses including ISPs, web designers, home business etc. Please contact us via support at for more information on our private label system or website builder reseller plan.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes, please see our affiliate scheme. All customers are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program on signup and can earn up to 35% of any sales. If you currently have a high traffic site on a web development theme please contact us for special rates.

Are your servers secure?

Yes, we process payments through our own root SSL certificate from Geotrust.

Where are your servers located?

We have a number of servers located in central USA and mainland Europe.

What kind of code does x2cms create? Can I use it anywhere?

x2cms creates standard .html code that can be hosted anywhere if you wanted to create a mirror of your site elsewhere. Of course if you add additional pages with .php or .asp pages then you would need to check with the new host.


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