Compete with the pro's with our powerful features

"Quite simply the most advanced, flexible, feature rich and easy to use website builder available"

x2cms has an easy to use interface that makes website building easy - even if you have no experience. We make it quick and easy to add pages, create navigation links, add forms, add a full site search, guest book or forum! You really can compete with the professionals.

All you need is a PC/Mac and a compatible browser (IE 5.5+ or Firefox).

Over 200 professionally designed templates included

Choose from over 200 professionally designed templates arranged in themes for easy browsing. You can change your design template anytime you like - as often as you like - without losing any of the pages or content you have already created. Templates can be customized and you you can even use multiple templates on the same web site. All templates are unique to x2cms and you won't find them anywhere else on the web. To see our full range of templates please visit our free web templates page.

Website Builder Features


Quickly and easily create a site from scratch with our wizards
Familiar WYSIWYG interface that runs in all major browsers on PC, Mac and Linux
Beginner, Intermediate and Web Developer modes for all skill levels
As easy to use as a word processor
Built in file management, image management and image tools
SEO tools and readily indexed output by all search engines


Choose from a wide range of over 200 unique templates
Use multiple templates on the same website
Built in CSS manager or and integrate separate CSS files
File manager, image manager and file upload

Creative Functionality

Simple creation of contact us page with CAPTCHA
Simple click creation of email form
Built in recommend this site feature
Built in RSS feed creation and parser
Easily add Music, movies and flash to web pages
Create powerful forms with required fields and CAPTCHA

Powerful Plugins

FAQ builder
Guest book with CAPTCHA
Link exchanger
Newsletter Manager
RSS Builder
Search Engine
Google site map creator
Google Maps
Photo Gallery


Copy and paste from Word and Excel
Copy and paste from Powerpoint, other website's... virtually anything
Creates standard, straightforward HTML for use in other applications

Advanced Functionality

Create and add dynamic HTML menus
Import designs and content from other website's
insert javascript and HTML with one click
Direct access to work with and edit underlying HTML
HTML tidy to clean underlying code
Work with html, php, asp pages and more

Reliable Web Hosting
Includes web hosting and full control via Control Panel - add software, databases and configure your hosting.
Web Traffic Statistics
Detailed traffic statistics of your website visitors in an easy to read format - choose
from multiple statistic packages.
Professional Webmail and Email
Webmail includes contacts, calendars, tasks and can synchronize with Outlook. Connect
to email via any software including mobiles.

Site Creation Wizard
Get started quickly with our wizard to create pages, navigation links, content layout and
even your site map. Just add content!
Unique Web Plugins
Calendar, Google Maps, Newsletters - we make the added features your site needs simple and easy to install.

Protected Pages
x2cms allows you to password protect pages of your website - ideal for clubs
companies and organizations.

Image Tools and Editor
Our build in image tool lets you resize, crop and manipulate your images. Even
add your logo to template designs.

Build your site quickly

Create website's quickly and easily using our wizards and wide range of included templates. Then add dynamic features from our plugins system such as news, Google site maps, FAQ's, photo gallery and more.

24/7 Support

Whatever your skill level our support team are here 24/7 to assist you in getting your site up and running. Our staff have a wealth of experience to assist you in adding dynamic features to your site, SEO, Google Adsense or even just some straightforward advice on what works for your website.

No software required

x2cms provides everything you need, no additional software required! You won't even need a hosting account, email provider, an HTML editor, any HTML or programming skills. The only thing you will need is an internet connection and a browser.

SEO Friendly Pages

x2cms creates standard HTML using simple page naming conventions driven by the user. All pages are indexed quickly and easily by search engines and the website builder includes SEO tools and a Google site map generator.

Basics with one click

If you have struggled creating forms, dynamic features, menus before x2cms have the answer. In most cases inserting the tools you need such as a contact form with CATCHPA to prevent spam takes just one click. Then add a site search, a calendar, a Google Map - or even add Javascript or affiliate links with a simple click of the mouse.

Powerful and easy to use

x2cms includes three levels of access to the website builder functions - Beginner, Standard and Web Developer. This unique feature allows you to use advanced features as your skills grow - x2cms is the only website building tool you will ever need..

Advanced Features

Most website builder lock you in to a very simple system that means you outgrow their platform very quickly. As you skills grow you will find you can do EVERYTHING with x2cms - work with scripts, php, asp, and MySQL/MSSQL data bases too.

The only website builder...

x2cms is the only website builder that allows the use of multiple templates, one click insertion of html or javascript code, full access to the underlying HTML and many more unique features.

Complete Hosting with Plesk

Because we provide the worlds leading control panel you can take full control over your web presence and can even "one click" install leading software titles such as Wordpress blog, phpBB forums and 100s more titles.

Don't have the time?

We have multiple options if you simply don't have the time to build your own website. Supply us with the content of your site and we will build it for you - or check out our special offers for template customization, content creation and more!

Making the change

x2cms has built in tools to allow you to import your existing site from the web or other website builders.

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